Putting Woes

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Putting Woes

Postby EllisSpice » Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:03 pm

Well, I've finally got to admit that my putting sucks. Sucks worse than most people. I just played a round at St.Andrews, and managed to 2 putt EVERY hole on the front 9. If I haven't, I would have got a 28, not a 37.

Does anyone have any tips to improve my putting, other than 'Get a better club'? I know it's not my club that's not the problem. It's the person using it!
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Re: Putting Woes

Postby scoresby » Tue Jun 15, 2010 5:23 pm

No three-putts is always good.

Approach shot close to hole is the only thing that helps me. Otherwise, avg 36 putts per 18. Standard, boring, regulation golf.

An occasional long drop is of course a rare, sweet surprise. Taking in rise, speed, and wind on St A's.

I've heard that the "feel" rating on a ball is a putting accuracy or consistency tool. Hasn't been proven to me yet.


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Re: Putting Woes

Postby hbthree » Tue Jun 15, 2010 7:53 pm

Ellis, is your problem "reading" the putt or hitting the "dinger" or both? You do need both, one without the other will not help ( save in those circumstances where you get them both wrong in opposite directions and thus get fortunate).

My advice is to work first on your shorter putts, say less than 8 feet...become more proficient with those and then begin extending your range...one way to do this is to reach the green and then make your initial putt so as to position the ball within the range you want to practice, if you miss the putt hit it backward and try again...do this on every hole...forget about your score, you are working on your putting...Harve

As to Scoresby's comment, my understanding is that "feel" does nothing but slow the meter speed....Harve
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Re: Putting Woes

Postby iceats » Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:14 am


One thing I might suggest is not playing the course for score a couple of times but just practice putting. Here's what I do.

Tee off, get on the green and then putt toward the hole - if I miss then I putt somewhere back on the green away from the hole. I then putt this one towards the hole. I do this untill I make the putt or max out on strokes - then I go to the next hole and repeat the process. This way you get a lot of practice puttings in one round and since you are concerned about score you can concentrate on putting. Each time you putt from somewhere on the green you learn a little more about the green.

Hope this helps - it has for me


Re: Putting Woes

Postby covenant » Sun Jul 04, 2010 9:11 am

Try using the new gi-3 balls, because they are slow on the meter and enable you to click more accurately.

The thing that helped me with putting is the use of some kind of measure tape I made out of a paperstrip and put just above the meter.
I divided it in 10 equal parts representing 10% of the shotstrength. So with a 15 yards putter and needed 9 yards, i put the beam at 60 % and at least I have about the length of the shot right.
This of course is with a flat and fast green

If you have that you have to adjust the yardage needed by taking into account the speed of the green, the height difference and the breaks in the line to the hole.
There are calculations for that. If you use those, then you gonna try out and write down everything you do, so you will know what you already did, where you missed or hit the hole and possibly what to adjust next
Its a long process, but after a while the numbers get a place in your head and a lot of shots you will be playing without thinking too much about it

Good luck with it
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